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Professional Learning & Curriculum Design

Implementing design-thinking, we design learning experiences,  programs, and curriculum to strengthen learning.

Instructional Tools Support

Supporting adults and youth learners through the thoughtful instructional tool selection and integration, such as lecture delivery, communication, collaborative, assessment and feedback tools. 

Communities of Practice

Collaborating, mentoring and facilitating learning through community to learn from each other and better each person's and the collective professional practice. 

Needs Assessment

Conducting quantitative and qualitative needs assessments to understand and plan for a path to meet the needs of your  vision and goals with media and technology.  



Being a catalyst of change through planning, program management, communications, and resource sharing. 

Coaching / Mentoring

Working 1-on-1 or with teams to strengthen online learning and hands-on digital skills with media and technology. We coach educators, professionals, entrepreneurs and community members on technology use training and to troubleshoot challenges.  


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