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Our workshops are designed for youth, educators, and lifelong learners. The length of the workshops depends on the type of learning. We have many tools under our belt bringing decades of experience with teaching and learning with media and technology. We aim to bring a balance of both critical thinking and creative skills. 

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For Students

From learning the difference from fact vs. fiction, to finding the source, to decoding messages, to understanding bias, to unpacking point of view, to building a healthy relationship with social media and developing safe online practices, to creating media communications in a variety of forms, we offer comprehensive media literacy workshops to shape today's digital citizens. 

for Educators

Media Literacy is expanded literacy. We have bite-sized workshops in a variety of topics to enhance and support growth in developing inquiry, critical thinking, evaluation, communication and creativity in teaching with, teaching about and integrating media + digital literacy into classrooms.  

for Parents & Community
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Building digital literacy skills to support learners of all ages, from parenting digital youth to supporting digital learners to developing good privacy and safety practices to learning how to use a variety of digital tools to participate in school, work and society. 

to learn with us


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