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Equip students to succeed in today's fast-evolving digital world with media education and technology training.

Ensure learners gain access, awareness, and skills necessary for being engaged citizens and thoughtful consumers across all stages of life.

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Media Education is Critical Today

Media messaging, production and distribution have the potential to impact every facet of our lives. 


Nearly half of US teens (45%) ages 13 to 17 report being online “almost constantly.” 


95% of students in the US have a smartphone or access to one.* 


How are they interacting while constantly connected? 


How are they consuming and creating media? 


*A 2021 survey conducted by the PEW Research Center 

Students need new skills to effectively navigate this age of internet bots, social media, fake news, bogus websites, online impersonators, personalized algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet addiction, hackers, sleep deprivation, trolling and cyberbullying.


We help integrate media literacy in schools’ existing courses through the evaluation of media relating to the subjects being taught and providing students with opportunities to explore and create their own media products.


Not every young person is going to become a journalist or professional media producer. But everyone does need to know how to sift through vast amounts of information, and to understand how to quickly interact with it in safe, ethical, creative and productive ways.

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"I'm on the internet basically all the time. ... I saw a picture and just believed it.

But I didn't do ... background information on it , and I think that it's definitely important. "

Amanda, student 

Santa Fe Youth Works

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