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Full Year PD Program

An extensive, supportive program that sustainably strengthens teaching and students’ subsequent learning through critical, creative and iterative digital media practices.

What’s included:

  • A 5-module course to ensure everyone’s learning the essential foundational media literacy analysis and digital production

  • A 3-day in-person conference to amplify media practices, effective teaching approaches and collaborative learning approaches

  • Specific resources and tailored plans to help teachers to integrate media literacy into their curriculum 

  • An encouraging community of practice with extensive implementation support

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What NM Teachers Gain

Media Literacy Education

Planning & Implementation Support

Peer Support & Networking

Teachers Transform Program Photos


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 The most robust professional learning support you can imagine!


  • The whole program really encourages community and creates a safe space to be vulnerable and creative! 

  • It’s designed for different types of learners. 

  • It’s self-paced, hands-on, and virtual to allow flexibility and customization. 

  • There’s lots of resource sharing and trouble shooting with one another! 

  • Because it’s year-long, there’s a chance to explore ideas and practices thoroughly over time with different nuances of how it can be applied to unique circumstances and changed to engage students through iteration.  

  • It’s aligned to most subjects and curriculum criteria.

  • There’s lots of resource sharing!


The Learning

My experience with the Media Fluency Professional Development Program was, to say the least, transformative. It provided me with the content, community, and inspiration to successfully incorporate media literacy into my classroom in a way that is relevant and meaningful for this generation of students."

—  Rebecca Jackson

Teachers Transform Program Participant


Want to truly transform teaching and learning at your school 
with a sustainable professional development initiative?

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