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Media Literacy as a Teaching Strategy in a Digital World

Media Savvy Citizens' CEO presented at the Digital Learning Annual Conference 2022. The presentation is based on MSC's work implementing comprehensive media literacy in classrooms across the state of New Mexico. 

Conference:  February 7-9, 2022

Presentation: February 8, 2022

                         2:00-2:45PM ET

Find out more about DLAC through the link below. 

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MSC on High Performing Educator

Media Savvy Citizens ' CEO chats with the High Performing Educator podcast discussing the role of media in classrooms and in the education setting.  


Listen to the show on the High Performing Educator website. 

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MSC Live on the


Media Savvy Citizens participated in a discussion exploring the role of advertising in our lives. Thinking critically through a process of inquiry about media messages was explored. 

Live on KUNM

November 26, 2021, 8 AM MT 

Listen on Peace Talks Radio



AMA on Reddit


Media Savvy Citizens participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion exploring the Role of Media Literacy Education. The interviewees are educators and researchers discussing how we might become a fact-based, ethical, well-represented, and creative democratic society.  

October 29, 2021, 2-3 PM ET 

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Teachers Transform with Classroom Media Literacy in Marginalized Communities

Media Savvy Citizens presented on the job-embedded capacity-building program with public middle school English language arts and social studies teachers, to enhance 21st century teaching and learning across disciplines, by incorporating traditional and new media literacy as an instruction strategy into curriculum. Participants learned about the program design and program outcomes.

JULY 17, 2021, 3:30 PM ET 

(1:30 PM MT)




ft. Pamela Pereyra

Media Savvy Citizens' Executive Director spoke about the importance of media education as she accepted her national award. 

Presented by the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) at their national conference 2021.

JULY 17, 2021, 6 PM ET (4 PM MT)

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TCA Radio Hour

ft. Pamela Pereyra

Media Savvy Citizens' Executive Director speaks about media and media and digital literacy. Hosted by the Taos Center for the Arts and aired on KNCE radio station. 

MAY 10, 2021, 9AM MT

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Make Comic Books Summer Camp for 11-14 yr.olds

Youth attended a 15 hour, in-person immersive and interactive camp with MSC instructor support as they developed their artistic and storytelling skills in the comics camp. From pen & ink to fully digital comics, youth unpacked the world of comics whiles they created in an interactive way! 

June 28-July 2, 2021,

9AM -12 PM MT

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NAMLE's Media Monsters

ft. Michelle Ciulla Lipkin

The National Association for Media Literacy Education's executive director will be letting us know about the Stop Media Monsters campaign to identify media monster behaviors & learn skills about how to combat them.

Which media monster are you?

MAY 5, 2021, 4PM MT

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Holding Conversations and Teaching on the #CapitolSiege (on-demand)

We are hosting a FREE on-demand webinar replay with chat. Resources were shared and conversation was insightful on the complex and sensitive topic.

Everyday through April 2021, 4:30PM MT

Teacher Learning 2020 & Beyond.png


Teacher Learning 2020 & Beyond

ft. Justin Reich

Director of MIT Teaching Systems Lab and will be talking about lessons learned from teachers experiences in 2020 and planning for resiliency in education moving forward. 

MARCH 24, 2021, 4PM MT

Race and Gender Representation.png


Race & Gender Representation

ft. Myra Washington

Assistant Vice President for Faculty Equity and Diversity at the University of Utah will be examining the way we understand identity through representations in the media. 

MARCH 10, 2021, 4PM MT

Anatomy of Fake News Live.png


The Anatomy of Fake News 

ft. Nolan Higdon

Learning about Fake News is a survival skill. In this discussion author & scholar Dr. Nolan Higdon will define, provide a brief history, decode the anatomy and provide tips on things users can do to identify fake news

FEBRUARY 10, 2021, 4PM MT

Afro-Centric and Futurist Art.png


Media and Afro-centric Art

ft. Nikesha Breeze

We celebrate Black History Month with Afro-centric, Afro-futurist award-winning artist Nikesha Breeze. We'll explore how media is incorporated into the artist's work. 

FEBRUARY 24, 2021, 4PM MT

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Making Meaning: How to Read Media Messages

This course will help 6-12 grade teachers and administrators to deconstruct media messages and help students develop their critical and analytical skills while increasing student engagement with media-based activities. It is a 6-module blended synchronous and asynchronous online course limited to a cohort of 25 people.




Deconstructing Media Live Stream.png

Deconstructing Media

ft. Denis Doyon

This short presentation will model a quick and easy way to decode media messages as an example of how to read media. Denis is the instructor in the Making Meaning course in the Spring (see our Course page) and is MSC's education strategist. 

JANUARY 26, 2021, 9AM MT


The Business of Film Live Stream.png

The Business of Film

ft. Jacqueline Frank

Jaqueline brings a worldwide perspective into film careers having worked in movies and TV, managing a variety of projects. From assistant director, to director to producer, she is a wealth of knowledge on careers in the film industry.

JANUARY 11, 2021, 9AM MT

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EcoMedia Literacy

ft. Dr. Antonio Lopez

Joining us from Rome, Italy is our colleague Dr. Lopez in a discussion on media, ecology, literacy. He will discuss approaches educators can try in the classroom to green media studies. 

DECEMBER 7, 2020

Media Literacy 101.png


Media Literacy 101 

This FREE webinar will define media, and the basics os media literacy. We will learn to read the media. 

DECEMBER 10, 2020

Media Literacy Now LIve.ed.png


Media Literacy for All 

ft. Media Literacy Now

Joining us is our colleague Erin McNeill n a discussion on why media literacy is important in K-12 education and what Media Literacy Now's country-wide (USA) approach.


DECEMBER 15, 2020

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Media and Self Care

ft. Mindful Frontiers

We held a meaningful discussion about how to self care and stay mindful while we are online (a lot). We even explored the idea of media diets.

NOVEMBER 24, 2020

No More Normal Show.10.20.png


Live on the NO MORE NORMAL Show

MSC Founder & CEO, Pamela Pereyra was live on the NO MORE NORMAL show to discuss media literacy’s role in the age of disinformation. 

How to Help Students Navigate the News p


How to Help Students Navigate the News

This FREE webinar will informs on the foundational techniques needed to navigate the news from a media literacy viewpoint.  Join this webinar to discuss the building blocks of navigating the news.

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Live on Starting Conversations 

Media Savvy Citizens joined a panel of journalists and news and media literacy experts to discuss disinformation and how to approach information. 

Digital Divide Town Hall 2020.ed.png


Digital Divide and Underserved Communities

This town hall discussion moderated by Media Savvy Citizens explored Covid-19's impact of access and equity on rural and underserved communities. This is conversation at the Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference 2020 was with researchers, experts and educators. 

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